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It breaks your heart to see your teen struggling as they try to figure out their place in this ever-changing world.

It’s a vulnerable time for them as they are trying to navigate social pressures, relationships, self-image, academic success, intense emotions and so much more.  You want to be there for them but they won’t let you in and even if they did, you aren’t quite sure how to help.

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Empowering  journies of self-discovery

My Approach

I work with parents to create a holistic and integrated approach to your teens well-being. I know parenting has unique challenges and I want to help you overcome those.


I help teens by providing a supportive and safe environment where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions. It is my primary goal to build them up, empower them and foster a sense of self-efficacy and self-compassion.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”


How it Works

Step 1

Let’s begin with a free 15-minute consultation. This gives us an opportunity to chat before you decide to schedule. During this call, we will have the chance to find out more about your teen and their needs and if we are the right fit.

Step 2

Once we decide we are a good fit, we will schedule the first session in which I will meet with the parents. During this session we will discuss the things that prompted you to seek therapy for your teen and how you would like for them to benefit from therapy. I will also gather history about your child, family dynamics and significant events in their life. This helps me to understand your child from your perspective and to have a more integrated approach to their growth and healing. In this session, I will also provide support and feedback as to how you can best support them in this process.

Step 3

I will then start meeting with your teen, building a trusting and therapeutic relationship. I will help them understand themselves and their emotions as well as how to express and cope with them. By utilizing therapeutic techniques and interventions that resonate with them, I will facilitate self-expression and exploration. Through this process, they will grow more confident in themselves and their ability to cope with life’s challenges. Depending on your child’s needs, we may have a combination of individual and family sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept insurance?
    No, I am considered an out of network provider. Though, I can provide a superbill for clients to receive any out of network benefits they qualify for from their insurance policy.
  • What is the cost of sessions?
    I offer a 50-minute session for $150 or a 90-minute session for $195.
  • Do you offer virtual sessions?
    Yes, I offer sessions via Zoom.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I require 24-hour notice so that I can have time to fill the available spot. That being said, I understand that emergencies come up and I don’t charge for those instances.
  • What payments do you accept?
    Card, HSA and FSA.
  • How frequently do I need to come?
    It’s up to you! I recommend starting weekly and then going to bi-weekly after you feel you are on more solid ground. Monthly sessions are not reserved in advance and are subject to availability.
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